Top Reasons Why Getting a Partner Visa

Did you know almost 40 percent of Australian Citizens are in Australia on a Partner Visa?

Have you wondered how people come back to Australia with a foreign partner? Without any problems with their visas!

That’s not the case, however. Australian citizens are allowed to get a partner with them if they are going to be married or are already married, on a partner visa.

Application of partner visa

You can apply for a partner visa for yourself, or you can simply hire a partner visa agent. These agents offer you services of getting a partner visa comfortably. First, you must know everything about partner visas. Only then, you must consider hiring an agent. The whole process is quite expensive, to be honest, but if you want your overseas partner to be able to stay with you in Australia, it is a must.

All about partner visas

Partner Visas are essential for couples who want to stay together in Australia. However, you cannot get any random stranger to do them a favor. You must be ready to commit to this person or at least be on the path towards commitment. You do not necessarily have towed for your spouse to get a partner visa.

3 types of partner visas

Here are the different kinds of Partner Visas you can apply for through a partner visa agent, in detail.

#1. Permanent partner visas

These visas are conferred to partners only if they are together even after 2 years from the date that they apply. This 2-year gap is to make sure that the couple that entered together in Australia is indeed a couple.

#2. Temporary partner visas

These are visas for people who are not, yet in a legal relationship with each other. They are still in the procedure of deciding. However, the permanent permit is granted after 2 years from when the citizen spouse decides that they are ready to be together legally. Although, if the citizen spouse denies getting married legally then the visa application is rejected in this case.

#3. Fiancé / Fiancée or prospective partner visas

These visas are granted to people who are to be married soon. They are already engaged and will be tying the knot in some time. The prospective partner visas also take around 2 years of time for approval.

The similarity between all these types of visas, if you noticed is that they all take 2 years to get permanent visas.

2-year interval

The reason behind the Australian government waiting for two years to give your spouse a permanent visa is simple. They do this to keep a check on both of your activities and to make sure that you are in fact, together.

With the number of people seeking to enter the country illicitly increasing to almost 60 percent, they have to be extra careful. So, this gap ensures that your relationship is not a conspiracy. For this reason, you might want to hire a partner visa agent.

Importance of partner visa agent

A partner visa agent is vital to make the process of getting a permanent visa faster. They are aware of all the procedures that will be carried on in the entire partner visa process.

What do they do?

A partner visa agent will help you and guide through the whole process in a smooth manner. These are the essential services that they generally offer to clients seeking permanent partner visas,

  • They will help you prepare your visa application and check it for you.
  • They will provide your assistance in deciding what type of visa will best suit your needs.
  • They will give you an accurate opinion on the status of your eligibility.


A partner visa agent is an advantageous asset if you want the permanent visa to come along quicker than usual. With their contacts and skills, you can be sure that your partner visa application is accepted and approved.

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