Top 10 Items Every Man Needs in His Winter Wardrobe

If you’re a man of style, then you already know the drill during the fall and winter season! It’s the opportunity when you get to show your style game. Plus, the holiday season is just around the corner and we all know that it’s the best time of the year. On the whole, you need to have your wardrobe in position and ready for this coming season. We’re here to help you with the top 10 fall pieces that every man should have in his closet.


The odds are, you already own a few of these since flannels are essential in your closet. We think that everyone knows this by now that flannels can turn a boring outfit, into a hot and sexy stylish outfit. Flannels come with a variation of colors which can gravitate more attention towards you.

You can either wear it as it is or wear it over your t-shirt or wear it inside a jacket so there can be layering of pieces. If you don’t have yet, you can choose a good quality and design that can surely transform your look to be as good as possible.


This is already obvious and probably one of the easiest pieces to style with. But one tip, when you choose, make sure you go for the good fitting hoodies. Almost everyone finds that hoodies are just very easy to throw on and don’t need that extra effort to showcase. A hoodie is simply essential to every man’s fall and winter outfits.

You can partner your hoodie best with distressed denim pants with a pair of boots or sneakers to give your look an edge of streetwear.

Over shirts

If you don’t know what an over shirt is, it’s simply a shirt that you wear over your basic t-shirt. Overshirts replace the function of wearing a jacket. They are thinner than a jacket but thicker than a typical button down, which can be perfect for the fall season. Putting layers to your outfits will spice up instantly your style sensibility without feeling too hot.

Cable knit sweaters

If you think you that you have a great body, a cable knit sweater will be perfect for you. It will show your good fitting and we are pretty sure that women love that. Plus, you don’t really have to try hard, it’s very effortless. And since it’s cuffing season, a man in a sweater just makes you look a very cuddly hunk. So, remember that sweaters are crucial to your closet and you should at least have one especially during the fall.


Want to put a twist to your boring style? The windbreaker is coming back from the 80s and is combined with a modern look together. And if you hate those heavy jackets you wear during the cold season, you can switch to these fashionable lightweight jackets while at the same time keep you warm from the wind chills so go get one!

Winter suits

If you want to keep your dapper look for the fall, you can wear a heavy wool suit. You just need at least one winter suit that will keep you warm during the cold season. You might want to check out suits that are made from wool. These suits are sexier and elevate your outfit to the max. If you want to look like a million bucks among a crowd, suits are the answer for you to stand out.

Turtleneck sweaters

If you want to appear smart and sexy, a turtleneck sweater screams confidence and composure. Throwing one of these will make your IQ climb up to 20 points and you’ll definitely look good as twice as you are! A sophisticated man will surely be a chick magnet.

Untorn denim jeans

Ripped jeans might be fashionable but it might not be suitable during the chilly seasons. You don’t want to be uncomfortable by the freezing cold winds. So, opt for untorn pants and pick a dark denim to match the cold season, it will look amazing on almost any outfit combination. Dark denim can also make you a more sophisticated, dapper man.


Boots are versatile and can be worn with almost all kinds of outfit options, a real no-brainer piece. Normally, boots have an extra 1 to 2 inches of height, which is great for you if you want to look a little taller for the woman you want to impress. If you don’t have a pair of boots yet, then it’s the time that you go get yourself one!

Chunky leather sneakers

If you like to follow trends, you should consider the chunky sneaker look which is in right now. You might want to opt for a pair of leather chunky sneakers. This will not only upgrade the whole look of your outfit but also protects your feet from harsh weather during the season. The leather material will help you keep your feet dry, and the chunkiness of the show will keep your feet warm. One great suggestion that we can give you is the Air Max 97 so you can still add that streetwear touch to the overall style. A win-win situation right?

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