How To Connect The Speaker Wire

This has been an ever highly discussed topic in the audio world How do cables impact the performance of an audio system? Audio cables are typically categorized into two groups. On one hand there are the high-end cables that come with extravagant claims about their performance to justify prices that many don’t want or would prefer to pay. On the other hand you can find the most basic and featureless point A towards Point B cables that are made of the cheapest components that prevent your system from achieving its full audio potential.

The speaker as well as RCA interconnect cables will serve two primary purposes: to transmit the audio signal in absolute quality and complete fidelity. They also need to eliminate interference that could cause noise to the audio signal. A good quality cable can help your system function at its peak and remains true to the original source material. It will enhance your system’s performance , showing clearer, more defined bass and stunning imaging as well as enhancing the transient response, dynamic resolution and precision across the entire frequency range. The improvement from cables is usually described as an increase in volume or complexity of the music.

When looking into cables, you must take a look at how well the material as well as the physical design as well as the engineering processes utilized in the process of assembly. A recipe for high-quality interconnect or speaker cables comprises:

  • Dielectric shielding to protect against noise, noise reduction and signal clarity
  • A precise metal stranding process for cable wires in order to maximize durability and ductility
  • Oxygen-free 99.99 percent copper to ensure high dynamic range and flawless signal transmission
  • Ultra-high bandwidth and extremely low capacity
  • The highest quality materials to ensure a safe connection and long-lasting life

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Rejecting interference doesn’t require a lot of pseudoscientific technological stories. The good news is that with the SVS SoundPath speakers as well as Interconnect cable offer all the performance, tech and quality that you’d expect from top cables in the world, but at less than half the cost. Additionally, you get the benefit from Our Sound Experts support to answer concerns about hiding cables, bi-amping and banana plugs and spades, and any other problems that could present themselves to you.

Interconnect and speaker cables play the most important job, therefore it’s worthwhile to search for the best from a company you are confident in, but it’s certainly not worth paying for what could be little or no improvement in the quality of sound.

Debunking Audio Cable Myths

The debate over audio cables has also spawned a variety of myths which have continued to circulate throughout the decades. To help dispel some of the myths We’ve put together an extensive list of myths and facts to aid you in making the most informed choice possible in the debate over audio cables.

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Audio cables are not a factor on the performance of your system. Line-level and speaker-level components can be vulnerable to a variety of interference, as well as signals degradation. This has been proven to increase noise and impact the quality of audio signals. By replacing it with properly protected, high-quality cables allows your system to reach the fullest extent. Rare Materials and costly engineering methods are needed to create premium audio cables

If the cables are designed using proven design principles and premium materials, you can get the same performance for only a fraction of the price of the high-end cables. The exotic conductors for audio cable braids boosts the performance

Many cable makers utilize twisted conductors within their cables to decrease crosstalk and noise from interference, however there is no concrete evidence to back the claim that wires that are intricately braided within the cable can improve the performance. The quality of the material used to conduct electricity and its capacity to block interference has a greater impact on the performance of the cable. The cables must be re-wired to ensure optimal performance

This is a myth that is more subjective since many assert that there is a noticeable improvement in sound quality once speakers as well as audio cables had the chance to “break-in” within 100 minutes or so. However, there’s no evidence from science to suggest the claim of improved sound quality and it’s certainly not worth it to pay for break-ins as an additional feature or service.

Do you find yourself needing to decide between expensive or. performing poorly and do you know audio cable myths that you’d like to see to dispel? Let us know in the comments below.

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