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Skills Required To Become A Good Plumber

A plumber is that skilled person who majors in installing and maintaining systems that are used to install lines and connections for potable water and the sewage and drainage in the plumbing system of a facility. He is a person who is skilled to do jobs both in commercial and residential buildings. To become a skilled plumber, one would require years of training and experience to become a pro. In some countries, they even require a plumber to hold onto licenses.

Possible Tasks A Plumber Needs To Do 

Selecting a career as a plumber is very crucial. You need to be ready to face new challenges anytime. Also you must be skilled enough to go small task as mentioned below. Let us see what falls within the scope of a plumber’s job:

  • Must have the basic knowledge to understand the layout of the water supply, waste and venting systems
  • Should be skilled enough to detect faults in the plumbing appliances and systems and correctly diagnose their causes
  • Skilled plumber must have Capability to install, repair and maintain domestic, commercial and industrial plumbing fixtures and systems that may vary
  • Tracking and marking the positions of pipe connections, passage holes and fixtures in the walls and floors
  • Must know how to operate certain instruments and tools that are required to measure, cut, bend and thread pipes
  • Must know how to join pipes and fittings employing soldering techniques, compression fittings, threaded fittings, solvent weld, crimp and push-fit fittings
  • Testing for leakages using air or water pressure gauges
  • Ensuring the safety of everyone present by paying attention to all the stipulated rules and regulations

Requirements of a Skilled Plumber

In addition to the skills and talents that a skilled plumber must have, he should also be able to produce a four-year apprenticeship Certificate III in Plumbing. Another 12 months of training will give him Certificate IV that licenses him to do gas plumbing jobs.


Physical Attributes of a Good Plumber

The plumbers should be physically fit and capable to deal with task ahead of them. They have to work in small cramped areas for a long time.

  • Good eyesight is one of the topmost attributes that a good plumber must possess. He should have such eyesight that he is able to work well in dark areas with very little light and space. He must be able to work with all kinds of tools and machinery that are the latest trend in the market.
  • A fit and skilled plumber must also be able to carry heavy objects and operate machinery that requires strength. So he must have high physical strength so that he is able to perform under all circumstances.
  • The plumber is also known to be good and skilled while handling tools. Such tools are not used by common people. These might be dangerous and are handed to only licensed plumbers.
  • It is recommended that you have good immunity system. Plumbing workers have to deal with sewage water and other discarded wastes. If the person is allergic or prone infection when exposed to certain substances the results can be dangerous.

The Different Stages of a Plumber’s Journey

A plumber becomes a skilled plumber only after he made that journey that he can complete in stages:

  • Plumber Apprentice
  • Journeyman Plumber
  • Master Plumber
  • Speciality License Type Plumber

You cannot become a skilled plumber in one day. You have to be patient and cross those milestones in your career to become one. He should be able to remove, demolish and alter the existing system in addition to the installation and maintenance work that he does.  A good plumber will also be very flexible and adjust according to the customer needs. So good luck in your journey in becoming a good plumber and good luck to the one who employs the best plumber in town.

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