It is a mineral mainly composed of sodium chloride (NaCl). It is a compound belonging to the large group of salts. The natural crystalline mineral form of salt is known as rock salt or halite. Salt is present in large quantities in sea water. Each liter of sea water contains about 35 grams of dry matter. It corresponds to a salt content of 3.5%.

In general, salt is necessary for life. It is one of the basic tastes of mankind. Salt is one of the most widely used flavoring agent in foods. It is known to enhance the taste of foods. Even those that would otherwise be inedible. Salting is an ancient and important methods of food preservation. Pickling is an  important way of food preservation.

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Table salt is the most common household chemicals. Composition of table salt 97-99% sodium chloride (NaCl). Pure sodium chloride is an ionic crystalline substance. However, table salt may contain other compounds. Which are added by the supplier or added prior to packaging. Sodium chloride is white in its pure state. Himalayan salt is pink in color. Dietary salt may be white or may have a slight purple or blue tint due to impurities. Sea salt may be dark brown or gray. Unrefined rock salt can be any color. It depends upon its chemical composition.


One of the main ingredients in table salt is the mineral halite (rock salt). Halite is store form of table salt. The minerals in it gives the salt its unique chemical composition and taste. Rock salt is usually extracts by processing mined halite. These halite also contains other minerals, some of which can be harmful. Although rock salt is sold as edible. Its chemical composition is not uniform.  It may contain up to 15 % by weight of impurities that are harmful to health.

Another common source of table salt is evaporation of  seawater or sea salt. Sea salt consists mainly of sodium chloride, magnesium chloride and calcium, as well as sulphates, algae, sediment and bacteria. These ingredients give sea salt its complex flavour. Sea salt may contain impurities from the water source. Sea salt may also contain additives, in particular to improve the fluidity.

The sodium content of the product is the same by weight. Regardless of whether the salt source is sea salt or rock salt. In other words, consuming the same amount of sea salt or halite (or vice versa) does not affect the sodium content of the diet.


Following are few major types of salt:

  • Iodized table salt, fine
  • Genuine kosher salt
  • Fine salt in diamond crystal
  • Fine sea salt
  • Pink salt (Himalayan salt)
  • Black salt
  • Potassium salt (salt substitute)


Most people’s kidneys cannot cope with too much sodium in the blood. When sodium concentration increases in the body, the body stores water to dilute it. This increases the amount of fluid around the cells and the volume of blood. The increased blood volume puts strain on the heart and blood vessels. Overwork and stress can lead to hardening of the blood vessels. Over time results in high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke. It can also lead to heart failure.

Evidence shows that too much salt can damage the heart, aorta and kidneys without raising blood pressure, and can also damage bones. Learn more about the health risks and diseases associated with salt and sodium intake.

Salt is essential for maintaining the body’s hydration level. Maintaining electrolyte balance is extremely important for proper organ function.

Iodized salt is one of the most common sources of iodine. Iodine is important for the production of thyroid hormones. It is a very important part of our diet. Because the body does not produce iodine naturally. The body also needs thyroid hormones to ensure proper brain and bone development during pregnancy. It also helps in the early stages of young children’s development.


Companies which supply salt to different country are salt supplier. In Pakistan following are the list of some companies offering salt supplier services:

  • Standard Salt Himalayan Edible Salt Exporters
  • Hamza trading company
  • Supreme foods
  • Himalayan salt Pakistan
  • Salt exporter
  • Best manufacturer of Himalayan salt

Best salt supplier

Pink Himalayan salt is one of the most valuable salts extracts from the Jhelum salt mine in Punjab. This salt has unique properties and is consider very valuable. It is known for its many uses such as cooking, healing, lighting and decoration. Himalayan pink salt has the same properties and test for various functions. Himalayan pink salt and rock salt of Standard Salt Himalayan Edible Salt Exporters are very popular. This salt  not only appreciates in Pakistan, also in other countries like the United States. Pakistan has decided to register Himalayan rock salt as a geographical indication.  This prevent its unauthorized use in other countries, demonstrating its uniqueness and special value.



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