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Rosegal: Five ways to style turtlenecks

The season is changing as we approach the end of the year. As the winter season is approaching, we need to start gearing up for holiday season parties. Styling pre-existing pieces is the best option if one is on a strict budget. There are some unwritten winter staples in every fashionista’s wardrobe. One of these certain staples is the iconic turtleneck. Characterized by a longer fabric around the neck fully covering it, turtle necks are incredibly chic.

Turtle necks tend to hug the body well, providing people with a slimming look and They also a popular fashion item for the winter season. They are versatile as they go well with almost all bottoms, as well as outerwear. Rosegal offers a wide range of winter clothing in plus sizes. Rosegal’s clothing can be very economical thanks to the Rosegal deals and offers, available year-round. Here are five innovative ways to easily style turtlenecks this winter and look immaculate at parties: 


  • Skirt:

Turtle neck paired with a skirt is all it takes to make you the belle of the ball. If the turtle neck is sleek and the skirt form-fitting, that is even better. This pairing is a god-tier outfit in the eyes of all fashionistas. From celebrities to fashion enthusiasts, the skirt-turtleneck combo is loved by all, and rightfully so honestly. It makes the body look extremely slender and lean without much effort. This is an effortless combo that is sure to win hearts and praises wherever you go. Add a nice knee-high boot and take this outfit to another level. This outfit has major “model-off-duty” vibes due to its chicness.

It will make you feel like a million bucks with next to no effort or pain invested. Rosegal offers a wide range of skirts and turtlenecks. These are all made from high-quality materials and will last a long time. Rosegal clothes run in the plus sizes without being too expensive. Head on to the official Rosegal website and check out the Rosegal promo codes. These can help you save a lot of money while stacking up on winter fashion this holiday season. 


  • All-Black: 

Winter season is the time to pull out the dark clothing. Opting for an all-black outfit is fierce in every sense of the word. A black monochrome attire gives the ultimate boss lady vibes. It makes a person look powerful and in control. The power of the color black in fashion is undeniable. Pair a well-fitted black turtleneck with black trousers and a pair of black chunky boots. Proceed to accessories with some black glasses and silver jewelry. Finish the look off with a black leather jacket and get ready to seize the day. Check out Rosegal’s assortment of turtle necks and other fashionable clothing items. The sizes run in the plus category and everything is super affordable. You can also use the Rosegal discount codes and save some extra money.


  • Trenchcoat: 

Trench coats are a solid style statement when it comes to winter fashion. Start by choosing a thin turtleneck and matching flowers. Now layer with a well-cut trench coat and smart footwear. If one wants to wear this to the office, add a watch and some sleek jewelry. If this outfit is to be worn at a party, a statement necklace is a way to go. Mixing and matching textures with the turtleneck and trench coat can also be very fun. Usually wool and leather go well together in the winter season. Trench coats can give a polished look if styled correctly. Head on to the Rosegal website and explore the world of affordable plus-size fashion. Avail of the Rosegal coupon codes and be a sleek baddie on a budget. 


  • Hoodie:

A hoodie layered over a turtleneck is the perfect way to lounge about. It is cozy and warm and provides the perfect heat. Hoodies can be loose and pairing it with a form-fitting hoodie makes sense. It protects the body from the cold outside air and is super snuggly. Start by putting on a turtle neck that clings close to the body. Now opt for a loser hoodie to go on top. Pull out the turtle neck sleeves from under the hoodie sleeves. This will also keep the hands warm in the cold, harsh winter air. Rosegal houses a plethora of turtle necks and hoodies in plus sizes at affordable prices. Make use of the Rosegal deals as they can allow you to save extra money on each purchase.


  • Oversized tee:

An oversized tee and a sleek hoodie make for the perfect casual outfit. The tightness of the turtle neck perfectly compliments the flowy nature of the tee. This helps in creating a flawless silhouette that makes one look very fashionable and effortless. Head on to the official website of Rosegal and explore the vast collection of winter clothes. No one does plus-size and affordable fashion like Rosegal. Don’t forget to avail the Rosegal codes and save a pretty penny while building our dream winter closet. 

The style is warm and comfortable while looking extremely stylish as well. Turtle necks are a timeless piece that can be worn in any season. You can also be completely tailored to highlight the shoulders and chest and they are a season staple for any gender. Turtlenecks can also work as an undergarment to keep you warm on chilly fall and spring days. This is thanks to a thicker ribbed knit material usually used to make turtle necks.

Long sleeves give it a stylish look that can be worn alone or paired with other outfits for more variety. Rosegal is a great outlet to explore the vast world of turtlenecks. The website is known for offering reliable, and outstanding plus-size clothing. Rosegal’s specialty, definitely, is the reasonable pricing of the clothes it sells. Indulge in some year-end LovelyWholesale shopping and spoil yourself with the best apparel out there. One must choose to sign up on the website to grab some instant news of the sales, offers, and upcoming deals.

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