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Reasons Why Marble Bench Tops are a Great Idea!

Nothing is as pure and white as white marble. They give a look which sets them apart from other materials used for bench tops. One of the biggest task while building or design your kitchen is deciding which material to choose for the bench top and what design to go for. This article helps in making your decision process easy by explaining why marble is the best material for bench tops.

There are 2 finishes in which marble benchtops are available in the market:

  • Honed finish: This marble has a matte finish which is created by sanding the surface. It has a soft look and are less bright compared to other materials. The scratches on this type of marble are less evident and thus appear better than the rest. The problem which honed marble is that it is more prone to staining as the pores are open.
  • Polished finish: As the name suggests, this finish has a shiny look and this finish remains intact for a long time. But the major problem with this finish is that it is prone to scratching and etching. They are shiny but after a certain point of time, they sport a worn down look. Thus, if the buyer is interested in a dull look, it is better to opt for honed finish marble.

Now, the reasons for marble bench tops being the best option available are given below:

#1. Attractive:– Romans were the greatest architects who existed in the history of mankind and their work is still revered and held in great respect by the architecture fraternity. They chose marbles for intricate works and other fine work. The use of marble for bench tops instantly makes it appealing and attractive.

#2. Range of colours:– Marbles come in different colours; from white to black. They are available in different shades and thus it becomes easy for the consumer to choose a marble bench top which goes well with the interior of the kitchen. For example, Rosso Levanto is deep pink in colour with white veins.

#3. Durability:– It is a custom in Greece and Italy to buy your own marble benchtops and later move it into whichever house they move into next. This proves how durable it is. It lasts for a long time and doesn’t require you to fix your benchtops again and again.

#4. Versatility:– Marble as a material is so versatile that it is used for floors, walls or benchtops. Marble goes with everything. So if you are planning to get your kitchen designed in a certain way, marble allows you the flexibility to fulfill your wishes without letting you worry about the benchtops.

#5. Value:– Yes, marble benchtops are expensive. They are costly compared to any other material but the return they offer is much more than any other material. You can guarantee that the benchtops are going to last for a lifetime and hence be relieved of any expenses which you might have to incur if you choose a different material.

#6. Maintenance:– Marble benchtops can be cleaned easily. Just a little water and dish soap is all you need to clean the benchtop. Other than that, if you have stains on it, putting a paste of baking soda and water on the stain works like a magic. Thus, maintenance and cleanliness of benchtops made of marble is very easy and cheap.

These were the top 6 reasons why marble benchtops are always preferred and popular in the market. They are easy to maintain, attractive and versatile and there is nothing more a buyer can ask for.

So, why wait, go for it now!

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