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The Most Popular Granny Flat Floor Plans

Every other homeowner likes the idea of using his or her property to earn some extra money. Making a granny flat is indeed a clever way to accelerate your income. All one needs to do is find a reputed builder and get the granny flat floor plans approved by the local councils. Even you can order a prefabricated model that is ready to move in.

There are some granny flat floor plans that are seen to be more popular than others.  You can use your granny flat for various purposes. Your primary reason to build a granny flat is to accommodate the elder family members. But if you have extra rooms in your granny flat then you can use them for your office. Or you can rent out such space to earn some money and you can even conduct some small casual party with your friends in your granny flat.

Popular granny flat floor plans

The granny flat floor plans that seem to be more popular carry some features that are common to all of them. They not only complement the main home but also provide a lifestyle that is preferred by most.

  • Granny flats with contemporary luxury are simply delightful because of their stylish look, thoughtful details, and comfortable living. This can be a great house extension project that will give you more space and storage.
  • A range of granny flat floor plans with stunning designs adds to that great appeal. The younger adults would love to live in those spaces and invite their friends for entrainment.
  • Spacious and stylish granny flats are always the rage as they create a generous and welcoming living space. The self-contained unit boasts of stylish and functional bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, storage, and even a veranda.
  • Impress your guests with a granny flat that boasts of a clean, modern interior. You can design your granny flat with softwood and make it traditional. Even if you have small space in your property then you can build your granny flat on your garage.
  • The granny flat floor plan that offers the perfect solution for a home office away from the main home is trendy. Sometimes, the homeowner is looking for a welcoming guest space that is detached from his main living area.
  • Another great design that is especially appealing is one that is physically separate from the main property and is preferred by the long-term renters. Most tenants look for a detached granny flat with a separate entry and you can even turn your granny flat as a guest house.

A popular granny flat design sure helps you get more value out of the space on your property. You can use it as a rental space or for a guest room or an extended family. The separate staircase and entryway allow more privacy for the potential tenant or owner.

With so many Granny flat floor plans with different design options, homeowners are sure to find one that meets their needs and budget. Those floor plans can be customized so that they look and feel like a part of the main residence.  Just know your options and be open to new ideas if considering a granny flat. Consult the local granny flat builders and check their templates. Focus on your needs, budget, and what you are looking from before finalizing a granny flat floor plan.

To conclude on the subject, there is no denying the rising demand and popularity of Granny flats. It is the versatility of a granny flat floor plans and design types that offer much more options and choices for the homeowners.

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