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Pink Himalayan Salts Benefits and Myths | Standard Salts


It is naturally occurring, good in taste and it is harvested from the sea salts which are found in Himalayan Mountains. In Himalayan salt bulk some minerals are present include calcium, iron, potassium and magnesium etc.  It has many colors light pink, moderate pink and dark pink.


History of pink Himalayan salt:

Pink Himalayan salt was formed about 250 million years ago.  It is first found in the Himalayan mountains, It is a rock salt, it is usually pinkish in color due to minerals in it. It is primarily used for food perseverance and adaptive. It is also used for cooking purposes in baking also. It also used in decorative lamps.

Difference between other salts and pink Himalayan salts:

  • Other salt like common salt has sodium chloride in it but in the pink Himalayan salts hundreds of minerals are present.
  • Other salts are not absorbs negativity but Himalayan pink salt have ability to absorbs negativity.
  • Pink salt is slight healthier than common salts.
  • Pink salt control blood pressure but common salt not because it has more quantity of sodium chloride.
  • Pink Himalayan salt good for our skin but normal salt have not such type of advantages.

Uses of pink Himalayan salt:

There are many uses of pink Himalayan salts but some  discuss over here:

  • Detoxify your body:

It helps to detoxify your body if you add in your daily life it improve your health. These are helpful to remove free radicals in your bodies and purify your body from the free radicals.

  • Good for skin:

It is also useful for our skin. From the pink Himalayan salt there are many soaps are prepared like aloe Vera soap and other soaps like that. It is also improve skin conditions.

  • Lamps:

It is also use to decor lamps. And the benefits of these lamps we  take it at any place where we sit and these lamps absorbed negativity and produce positivity  From this many different shapes and sizes lamps are formed.

  • Used in cooking and baking:

It is also very helpful in cooking purposes. It is also use to preserve food and if we use in cooking it may increase your food taste and also helpful to enhance your health.  For baking purposes it is also very good. If we used in baking it may are less harmful than the normal salt.

Benefits of pink Himalayan salt:

  • Reduced anxiety:

It cleans the air and automatically it reduced depression, anxiety and stress. Salt therapy also important in that. Several minerals also contain in it like that magnesium and it help to regulate your sleep cycle and if you have proper sleeping time and peacefully sleeping then your anxiety level  reduce. It removing negative vibes and boost your spiritual health.

  • Better breathing:

It helps to remove dust particles in the atmosphere and you feel fresh and inhale fresh air if you put this lamp around you. If someone smoking and you sit over there and then if you place this lamp near to you  then it also absorbs dust particles and other harmful chemicals and you inhale fresh air and in this way you and your mind feels fresh. It helps to purifying the air and in this way you breathe in a good environment.

  • Clean the air:

Smoke and dust particles in the environment it helps to clean the environment. If you sit near to salt lamp then it absorb negativity and give you a peaceful and calmly environment to you and your family members. The colorful lamp provides you very peaceful environment.

For example:

It’s example like that plants and humans plants release oxygen and absorbs carbon dioxide and like vice human absorbs oxygen and release carbon dioxide in this way Himalayan pink lamp salt work. It emits positivity and absorbs negativity and provide peaceful and fresh environment to human mind and body.

  • Help in digestion:

If we used in our daily life or in food it helps in digestion and it is good for our mental health and physical health. It boost up of our immunity and it also very significant if we use this in our diet.

  • Good for respiratory problems:

It useful or have main advantage or benefit to treat many respiratory problems. It beneficial to treat cough, flu etc. and it helps to improve respiratory problems.

Disadvantages of pink Himalayan salt:

Some of the disadvantages discuss over here:

  • Kidney diseases:

If excess amount of salt we use in our diet it may increase your blood pressure and attack your kidneys and in this way your kidneys will  affected from this.

  • Bone diseases:

If we take or consume more salt in our daily life then it cause bone diseases such as osteoporosis because if we high intake of this then our bones  dissolve and affect our health very badly and cause bone diseases.

Myths about pink Himalayan salt:

  • It normalize your blood pressure but the table salt not because in NaCl  more sodium but it not scientifically proven.
  • Pink Himalayan salt is organic but other salts are not in other salts impurities are add but Himalayan salts are pure and chemical free.

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