Pepperboy Music: Music With A Southern Soul

When it comes to music and smoking pot is regarded as a pastime, American pop fame was not such a hollow victory for Pernell “Pepperboy” Moisture, who rose to prominence with his band the Staxxx in the late 80s. With six albums and 26 years with the band under him, he retired from music after he heard that his friend Jimmy Butler had died of pneumonia earlier in 2014.

How did Pepperboy come to be?

Pepperboy Music is unique because it’s not just a band but an experience. Fans come to see and hear the music performed by real people with genuine souls. This isn’t simply some country-western drag act out there on the circuit. Pepperboy is authentic, down-home Southern music at its best.

Guitarist/vocalist Shane Timmons founded the band to connect with his roots. “I grew up in Mississippi, so I wanted to do something where I could connect with the people who sing and play traditional Southern music,” Shane says. “I knew that if I could find a way to do that through my music, then I had succeeded.”

Since forming in 2016, Pepperboy has played festivals all over the Southeast and opened for some of country music’s biggest names: Kelsea Ballerini, Gunnar Nelson, and Lauren Alaina. Their latest album was released earlier this year and featured covers of old soul classics like Sam Cooke’s “A Change Is Gonna Come” and The Temptations’ “My Girl.”

Shane loves bringing listeners into the story behind each song: “I want people to feel like they’re at our shows – like they’re part of the family.” This authenticity sets Pepperboy apart from other bands on the scene – you truly feel like you’re hearing music from generations past when you listen to them live.

What does music mean to Pepperboy?

Music has always been a big part of Pepperboy’s life. His mom always played the piano, and his dad was a drummer. Music encouraged Pepperboy to express himself and have fun from an early age. Growing up in Alabama, there were only two popular music styles: country and southern gospel. The country greatly influenced Pepperboy as it showed him how to be hard-working and stand up for what he believes in. Southern gospel, however, was the music that truly touched his heart. It taught him about love and faith, which are important to him.

Since leaving Alabama, Pepperboy has found himself exploring new genres of music. He’s become a fan of punk rock, metal, and other loud sounds that can bring people together in awe of their artistry. He loves creating sonic landscapes with his band that evokes emotion in those who hear them. What does music mean to Pepperboy? It means giving people something they can connect with on an emotional level. It reminds us that we’re all human and can share common experiences through the power of sound.

How does he love Memphis?

The love for Memphis was instilled in Pepperboy from the time he first set foot in the city. His family moved to Memphis when he was just a boy and soon found themselves immersed in the music scene. He grew up listening to artists like Sam Cooke, Elvis Presley, and Carl Perkins, all of whom profoundly influenced his taste in music.

Pepperboy Music is about breathing life into southern soul music by giving it a modern twist. His passion for the genre drives him to do everything he can to make fans everywhere fall in love with Memphis soul. From his unique sound to his engaging live performances, Pepperboy brings an energy and authenticity that makes him one of the most exciting new voices in soul music.

His relationship with city life and his music

Moving to San Francisco, CA, in 2001 was a big change for Jason Mraz. After growing up in Texas and playing music in various bars and clubs around the Lone Star state, he lived among the ivy-covered walls of one of America’s most famous cities. There was something about the bustle and energy of San Francisco that seemed to invigorate him creatively; it was like he finally had a new home where he could pursue his passion for music with as much abandon as he feel inside.

Since relocating to the city, Jason has become one of its most popular musicians, frequently filling large venues such as The Fillmore Auditorium and Bill Graham Civic Auditorium with his energetic live shows. He’s also managed to carve out a successful career recording albums independently and under Capitol Records (whose president is none other than Rick Rubin). It’s safe to say that San Francisco has been good to Jason Mraz in terms of his music and overall outlook on life.

Given that much of Jason’s music revolves around his personal experiences living in California, it’s no surprise that the Bay Area has played such an important role in his musical journey. Some of Jason’s earliest musical memories involve singing along with classic recordings by The Beach Boys and Jan & Dean while lying on the grass in Golden Gate Park. And it was this connection to nature that eventually led him back north to San Francisco after touring throughout Europe for

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His upcoming albums

Pepperboy Music is a music label and artist collective based in Georgia that features critically acclaimed, homegrown talent. The label has released music by artists. Like Brothers Osborne, Sam Bush, Robert Ellis, Doyle Lawson, and Troy Donockley. As well as recent signings RL Grime, Yusuf/Cat Stevens, and the recently reunited Drive-By Truckers.

In 2017, Pepperboy Music released the album Southern Soul by Doyle Lawson & The Searchin’ Band. The album was praise for its gritty blues influences and authentic storytelling. To accompany the release of Southern Soul, Pepperboy Music hosted a cross-country tour. That brought the album to theaters across America.

This year, Pepperboy Music will be releasing three new albums: Rapping Bobby Jones by Yusuf/Cat Stevens (due out May 5th), Lucero by Joey Jordison (due out June 2nd), and RPM by Drive-By Truckers (due out July 7th). All three albums are await releases that promise to transport listeners back to a time when country music was about heartache, loss, and redemption.

What lessons can found in his recording career?

Some of the key lessons that can be learned from Pepperboy Music’s lengthy recording career are perseverance, creativity, and humility. From his early days in the emo group The Rationals to more recent work with the soulful Alabama Shakes. Pepperboy has shown a prodigious ability to forge ahead and create music. That appeals to both mainstream and independent audiences. His discography is replete with hits. Including “Time Is on My Side,” “I Believe in a Thing Called Love,” and “I’m Not Gonna Take It.”

Despite chart-topping success and accolades from fans and critics alike. Pepperboy has never wavered in his desire to make great music. He constantly explores new sounds and injects his stamp on each project he undertakes. This drive has led him down unconventional paths. Such as duetting with Frank Zappa for the album Hot Rats. Or collaborating with alt-country icons The Brothers Brunch on their acclaimed album Fuzzy Warbles.

Despite these missteps, Pepperboy’s overriding goal remains transparency and authenticity in his music. Whether it’s breaking barriers by featuring female vocalists on mainstream singles. Or championing social consciousness through his lyrics, he has always put people first. “Everything I do is kind of an experiment,” he says. “It goes back to my mantra: Just keep movin’.”


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