Metal Sheet Fabrication Process

Different types of metals such as iron, steel, and many others have always been an important part of our lifestyle. Whether it is a vehicle or a home appliance such as an air conditioner metal is used everywhere. But to use metal is a difficult task altogether. There are a number of processes that the metal sheet has to go through in order to get the shape and pattern that can be used in the right place.

The Process of Sheet Metal Fabrication

Sheet metal fabrication is mainly the process of cutting, burning or using other methods to process the metal sheet so that it can be used in various places for use. Apart from this, there are also many other methods used such as hydraulic breaks or rolling and of course welding in order to provide the sheet the perfect shape and design that is needed. Some of the methods that are used in the process are:

  • Laser cutting: It is one of the best methods available to cut metals. It is quick and precise and can cut through almost all the metals except for a few exceptions. There is very little room for error as it is instructed through a computer.
  • Plasma cutting: Plasma cutting can be both aggressive and delicate. It depends on how you set it up. It is best to cut the metal in a straight line. It has high accuracy and minimal cleanup.
  • Waterjet cutting: It involves a highly concentrated stream of water at a very high velocity to cut through the metal. It is more often used to cut material that can react to high heat. It is also one of the most eco-friendly cutting techniques.
  • Sheet metal breaks: Sheet metal breaks such as hydraulic break, magnetic break, sheet metal punch and others: This is majorly used to bend the metals in a particular angle. It can be used to bend a metal up to ninety degrees.
  • Welding and others: This method is used to fuse two metal parts together. Welding is done with the help of a precise flame, precise electric arc or a filler wire between the two adjoining parts that is welded with the help of an electric current through the filler wire.

After processing the metal sheets under various methods of fabrication, the sheet is sandblasted and then primed and later painted. This is the last step of the fabrication process. Afterward, some minimal touch ups are provided so that the item to be made is completed and is ready to be shipped.

Some of the common metal sheets that are used for the process of fabrication is aluminum, copper, steel, brass, zinc, gold, silver and also titanium.

Application of Sheet Metal Fabrication in Different Industries

The metal sheet is the most basic and cost-effective raw material that is fabricated by using various methods so that the result can be used in some places. Some of the major places for which sheet metal fabrication process is used are:

  • Creating designs for enclosures for various places and brackets that can also be customized.
  • Chassis items that can be used in both residential as well as industrial levels and at industrial levels such as manufacturing of aircraft, automotive, and others.
  • Home appliances such as electrical gadgets like toaster and kitchen accessories such as utensils, metal racks, and others.
  • Construction sites for houses, offices, malls, furniture, electronics and many other similar items.

Hence, metal sheet fabrication is necessary because the end result is used in some ways at some places. If you would like to know more useful information then go through this link to get more information.

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