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All You Need To Know About Engineered Timber Flooring

Engineered timber flooring is one of the most widely used flooring’s in recent times. It consists of multiple layers of timber board. It has a high stability because in each layer the grain runs in a perpendicular direction, making the timber strong enough to swell and contract with changes in humidity. Along with stability and long-lasting, they also offer an easier method of installation. They also come with a wider range of varieties with interesting finishes and rich colors that can be stimulated with the use of oils, heat, and pressure.

How to get the best-engineered timber flooring?

  • Core and layers of the timber: Although you are sometimes not bothered about what lies beneath the oak, the under-core substance is still one of the important factors to consider because it determines the stability of your Engineered timber flooring. Mostly, ply is used as an under-core substance because of its strength and stability. Therefore, you must select a board with plywood core which is less prone to swelling and shrinking. The different layers in a cross structure give the Engineered timber flooring its quality and solidness. If you are searching for a quality board, at that point it is smarter to pick a solitary strip wear layer which is comprised of just a single segment of timber. You ought to likewise choose the thicker wear layer of the board for a longer future.
  • Appearances and maintenance: Proper finishing is very much important to enhance the look and beauty of your timber flooring. You can finish your Engineered timber flooring at the factories with certain oils or do the same on site with a finish that you can choose to suit your needs. You should also protect your timber flooring from scratches and strains to keep alive their real and natural look. You can have the best-suited products which are available in the market to replenish any imperfection that may be caused to your Engineered timber flooring over the years.
  • Measurements: You can choose the length and width of your boards depending on the size of your property with your personal preferences. But instead of choosing shorter and narrower floorboards, you can choose the wider and longer boards which are no doubt a bit expensive but quicker and easier to install. Long and wide floorboards will show off more of your interior stuff with an attractive appearance.

Why Engineered timber flooring is in trend nowadays? 

1) Strength and usefulness: Engineered timber flooring has great versatility because of its improved manufacturing processes and technologies. As it is versatile in nature, it is also used in many other surfaces like cladding and joinery. Moreover, with its layered structure, Engineered timber flooring provides durability in various environmental conditions that solid timber cannot.

2) Beneficial for health and environment: While renovating interiors, you are always conscious about the well-being of your dear ones within the home. In that case, timber has a very positive impact on both your mental and physical health. Timber can also prevent you from breathing diseases as they do not harbor pollen, dust, mold, pet dander or other allergens.

Use of timber is very much beneficial to the environment because timber products are amongst the most sustainable ones that can be used for building purposes. Timber can store carbon throughout its life, and it utilizes less vitality than other structure materials. Since the top layer of the board is thinner, it allows more planks to be produced out of one single tree. In this way, it also reduces the use of a huge number of trees.

Thus, from ancient times, timber flooring has an appeal to be one of the most desirable amenities when designing your home interior. This is because of its natural appearance, warmth, and beauty that most of the house builders choose it as a material of choice.

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