Know All About Applying Industrial Paint and Paint Adhesion Tester

Applying industrial paint coating prevents weathering and damage of industrial equipment. There are different varieties of paint adhesion testers that are available in the market, and you can select from stand-off and tile varieties from the lot. It is not just watching the quality of the paint that suffices but well the paint adheres to the substrate that matters. The quality of the paint and the powerfulness of the bond between the paint and substrate determine how strong it is to withstand the characteristics of the surroundings. A paint adhesion tester decides the longevity of the paint.

Before expanding on paint adhesion tester, the following points focus on the industrial paint coating methods.

  • Aquatic paints: The aquatic paints protect the surfaces from corrosion, offer fade resistance and helps in retaining the colors. These coatings are non-hazardous. Moreover, it makes the surfaces of machines and equipment durable and strong after the application of the coat. It is important to check if they are certified and calibrated as this will give you a better opportunity to save your paints from weathering, dust and other ill effects.
  • Paint based on solvents: The solvent-based paints are used for topcoat and lend strength to the machinery and equipment required in agricultural practices.
  • Powder-coat: When it comes to enhancing the aesthetics of industrial equipment and protects them, the powder-coating paint is ideal. It adds a layer of thickness to the equipment and protects against chemical resistance and protect against UV exposure. It is one of the most powerful and versatile methods to test paint.

Basics Of Paint Adhesion

The protective paint coating needs to exhibit the desired adhesion to stay effective. Although not much is known about the factors that make the paint adhere to the surface, there are mechanisms that help in determining how much the paint stick to the surface. Adhesion comes through the following methods.

  • Mechanical interlocking
  • Chemical interlocking
  • Adsorption

What Features of The Paint System Is Important for Defining the Adhesive Capability?

What features of the paint system define its adhesive capability? Typically, the durability of the paint coating depends on adhesion and cohesion. Adhesion refers to the strength of the bonds between the materials. Due to adhesive failure, blisters may form on the interface, frequent lifting of the film, and other factors resulting in low adhesion. The tests for adhesion may differ based on the information needed related to field inspection, research, and quality control. With the availability paint adhesion tester, determining the adhesive power of the paint becomes easy.

Things To Know

Adhesion of the paint coating is necessary to make the protective coating or the paint last longer. If adhesion fails, the paint adhesion also collapses. Therefore, a paint adhesion tester has emerged as the equipment needed to ensure the adhesive quality of the paints and coatings. The adhesion testing is a parameter determining how well the coatings stay bonded to the substrate. Without testing, a business may face operation issues and severe economic losses.

Adhesion Test Failure

The strength of adhesion of the paint or coating depends on the following factors and necessitate the use of paint adhesion tester for better protection.

  • Physical properties of the coating and the substrate
  • Geometry of the surface where the coating is applied
  • Potential of the operator and the testing method
  • Parameters of the adhesion test to check the strength of the coating
  • Consistency of the application of the load or force

When any of the factors mentioned above are inadequate, the chances of adhesion test failure may increase. With a paint adhesion tester, such tendencies can be reduced to a great extent. The coating and paint manufacturers provide a description of the adhesive strength of the paints and coatings.

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