Important Things to Know About Hydro Excavation

Hydro excavation is a process of removing soil while excavating the land. Water pressure is used to remove the soil after excavation, and a vacuum is used to transfer the soil to a tank. You can use this excavation process in winter to excavate the soil, and you need to use warm water pressure to dig the frozen ground. The main reason to use a hydro jet to excavate land is to minimize the damage to any underground services, and you can easily complete your excavation process faster.

Hydro excavation is also known as hydro-vac excavation, and you can use sharp or heavy metal edge equipment to remove hazardous materials from the ground. It can also ensure accident-free excavation where you can keep your labours safe. Pipes and cables are installed at the underneath level, and you cannot excavate land where such public properties are available at the underground level. In this case, you need to use a hydro excavator to keep such utilities safe.

Here, You Can Find Some Benefits of This Excavation Process

  • It is a cost-effective excavation process where you can complete your excavation with a minimum number of labours and use it in your chemical, oil, and gas industry, where traditional excavation processes cannot be used.
  • Apart from the above industries, you can also use hydro excavation for construction projects and water pressure to excavate land to start your construction project. You can use this process for drilling, excavation, and other construction work.
  • Even you can follow this excavation process to excavate restricted or narrow spaces. It can easily locate the underground services without damaging the parts or pipes installed at the underground level.

Working Process of Hydro Excavation

You need to use pressurized water to break or soften the soil. Once you excavate the land, you can transfer the soil and debris to a truck through a vacuum suction system. You can use this excavation process on any kind of soil, even on frozen land, and dig up to 70 feet deep with a pressurized water force.

A smaller number of tools are required for Hydro excavation, and you can complete your entire excavation project with a truck or trailer. But if you want to excavate frozen land, you must use a boiler to heat the water. Once you complete your excavation work, you can transfer the soil and debris to a truck or trailer and dispose of them in a landfill.

Hydro excavation can be used for various projects, and you can use such tools to install pipes and sewer systems. Apart from that, people can also use such tools to install posts and polls, and many industries are using this method, including the oil and gas industry, to excavate their land.

Why Would You Avoid the Conventional Excavation Process?

In the case of the conventional excavation process, you need to backfill the land once you complete your excavation work, and you must appoint trained labours for your manual excavation process. Apart from that, it is a time-consuming process and risky too. If anything goes wrong and your labours get affected or injured, you must take their liability.

You can avoid such hassles by choosing the Hydro excavation process, as it is an eco-friendly and safe process that can save you time and cost. It is also a non-destruction and non-mechanic excavation process where you can complete your entire excavation project with an air vacuum and source of water.

To leave a stronger foundation and design your landscape without moving the soil, you can use this excavation process for landscaping projects. Moreover, Hydro excavation can save your cost in different ways. For example, you will not be penalized by the local council if you use this excavation process because you can keep their utilities safe.

In the case of the traditional excavation process, public utilities like pipes, cables and sewage lines installed at the underground level can be affected by your labour. You need to pay the penalty for the same. To save your cost and time, you can choose Hydro excavation.

Application of Hydro Excavation

Cold weather excavation


Debris removal

Excavate in tight spaces


Pole setting

Remote Excavation

Soil trenching and others 

Wrapping It Up!!!

The hydro excavation process is much simpler and hassle-free. It is cost-effective and requires no permit for the same. Thus, making it an edge over the conventional excavation process.

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