How To Find Your Signature Style

When you take a few minutes to scroll through Instagram, flip through a fashion mag, or even take a walk down the street – people are talking about their personal style. And for some of us, it leaves us to ask… Well, what is our signature style then?

How do you know what looks good on you? There are so many different cuts, styles, fabrics, and excellent designers that it can be hard to find out who ‘you’ are when it comes to what you wear. Sometimes it takes moving outside of your comfort zone, and other times it takes spotting great sites like Grapefruit who have sourced great designers for you – making your aesthetic easy to build.

So how do you define your signature style?


This is the fun part. You can spend as long as you like looking at different styles that you want to try. After all, no one else has to wear it, so you can experiment a lot. It is essential that you love every piece that you buy and that it adds ‘ something ’ to your overall wardrobe.

Are there are celebrities that you find yourself returning to their Instagram time and again? What about period dramas and TV shows, whose style just makes your heart sing? It is worth remembering that some of the celebrity’s designer labels are super pricy – but the style can be replicated without the huge price tag.

Body shape

Your body is perfect exactly the way it is. There are some cuts of clothing that look and feel better than others, though. Your body shape plays an important role is how the clothes look and feel when you have them on. Some people don’t want to show off their arms or stomach, and others want to emphasize those amazing hip dips. Find models and influencers with similar body shape to you and use that as a source of inspiration when it comes to the right cuts.

Mood board

Here is where you can start virtually building your wardrobe. Most people have an idea of the style they would like, but it can be hard to just picture it in your mind. Pinterest or even Canva are the perfect places for you to create a mood board. Fill it with color palettes that you like and start to think about textures too. You can build a whole capsule wardrobe on the idea of leather-look skinnies, or a thrifted 80’s jacket.

Even after a few minutes (or hours), you are going to begin to notice a theme within the clothing you choose: a specific color tone, an era, or even a brand. You can pin completed looks, or you can choose to add individual pieces.


Accessories make the outfit. So, it is super important that you find ones that are comfortable and easy to wear. Some people enjoy a chunky belt buckle, stacks of rings and necklaces – more is more. Others prefer to have one or two prized pieces that become part of their signature look. Anne Sportun Jewellery is one of those places that you can get dreamy designs that will go with everything – effortlessly.

Try to add some of the following:

  • Sunglasses
  • Scarf
  • Ring(s)
  • Necklace(s)
  • Belt & belt buckle
  • Crossbody bag, backpack, tote, or bucket bag


What you don’t like plays just as an essential role as what you do like. Some people hate the idea of owning dupes; others get annoyed looking at a block heel. It might be a particular shade of yellow that makes you want to call the whole day off. Have a look through your own wardrobe and look for any misdemeanors. That can help you avoid spending money on things you just aren’t going to enjoy wearing – we all make mistakes from time to time (see: 90s eyebrows).

Go-To uniform

Does the idea of a uniform send shivers down your spine? You’re not alone. However, a uniform can be your happy place when it comes to the clothing that you wear. Capsule wardrobes rely on easy pieces that work together – no matter which item you choose.

These peep toes + these jeans + these shirt + 2 accessories = perfection

And it will be perfect every time because that is how a capsule wardrobe works. Each piece is purchased to work with another.

Bon voyage!

Once you have an outline of what you want and know for sure what you don’t want, it is time to say goodbye to anything that doesn’t meet your new signature style’s standards. Each item of clothing that you do say goodbye to, try to donate it or sell it. Keeping items that we don’t wear often, or that don’t fit with our aesthetic takes up closet space and brain space look up the paradox of choice. Even though we never wear the item, we will always consider it an option – even though it will never make the grade.

And that’s it. Super simple steps to nailing your signature style – without the stress.

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