Dutch Hoods

How Dutch Hoods Add Style to Your Storefront?

If you want to build some permanent structure at your outdoor place, you need to spend high amount. Avoid such expenses by using a Dutch hood. Dutch hoods are an artistic, reasonably budgeted, and very interesting way to add style to your storefront or home. Smart canopies and awnings can transform the look of your property. They can turn your exteriors into something classy, and attractive. These are the shades which come with durable and stain resistant materials. The awnings can decorate your outdoor space and can also protect your furniture from adverse effects of heat and sun.

What are Dutch Hoods?

Aluminum framed awnings, which are foldable, and can have cloth, PVC, or other thick material for the covering, and come out open in a bull’s nose rounded canopy shape, are called Dutch hoods. These are extremely popular, and people use them in the exterior parts of their property. With these hoods, they can create a new seating space in their garden area or install the same in the patio area

The Appeal of the Dutch Hoods

Here are some of the top reasons why Dutch hoods are so appealing!

  • Dutch hood awnings are high in their appeal for so many reasons. Did you ever notice how you stopped by a food store, restaurant, eatery, or soda corner etc., by mere having a sight of the colorful, attractive, brand name showing on the Dutch hood? Well, that is the charm and appeal of these canopies.
  • These are good in attracting attention and are considered as a decorative item for any commercial and residential place. That is why these are so preferred by commercial establishments who have their storefronts on the road, at important tourist places, and in important locations.
  • When you have a commercial property in a place where competition is neck to neck with other businesses, then you can rely smartly on this canopy structure to get some nice attention from your customers and through this way, you can also decorate your shop, increase your seating capacity and advertise your business with Dutch wood.

Colorful Dutch Hoods

 Dutch hoods are special for their structural design, and their utility. The top reasons they are preferred for are as follows:

  • Dutch hoods have a round shape. The round canopy would not let rain water or moderate snow stay over it, and would make things slide off and fall without resting on this round surface. That is why, if you are getting heavy rains, or light to moderate snowfall, you need not worry about the draining or cleaning the top of the hood from time to time.
  • They are attractive because they come in any color you order them in, any print or pattern you like, and most importantly you can also design and customize the Dutch hoods with any writing, name, slogan, image, logo etc. This means they are great for showing your business name, and thus good for identifying and branding.
  • The style of the Dutch hoods is inspired by canopies of the Victorian era. This European style has such a nice appeal and taste, that adding one to the property instantly adds some class and show.

Besides aluminum, there are many other canopy options you can explore. Steel is also popularly used in the making. Both steel and aluminum are lightweight and can be easily operated. The fabric can be anything of your choice, and in any color, print etc. Dutch hoods are effective, inexpensive, and smart ways to decorate your storefront, and always add to the warmth and aesthetically pleasing look.

Check out the best styles and ideas for Dutch hoods and awnings in the gallery below!

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