Vital Facts that you Must Know Regarding Compounding Pharmacy

The compounding pharmacy or pharmacy of manipulation is a branch of activity that has gained space in the market, and that has caused a great demand for professionals due to the increase in the number of establishments. Maybe you have heard the terms for the first time. But, this kind of pharmacies does exist. Here in this article, you will read some important details that you need to know before visiting there. 

The basic fact

The manipulation of pharmacy or compounding pharmacy is simply characterized by an establishment that performs artisanal processes of production of medicines. The pharmacy differs from a drugstore because it produces customized formulations that meet the specific needs of a particular patient.  This model of the establishment cannot be understood as an industrial process which is characterized by being independent of the prescriber/patient/ pharmacist relationship. This kind of pharmacies produce medicines aimed at the needs of a population – for example – in patients with high blood pressure or hypertensive.

Main care in handling laboratories

In relation to the use of the area of ​​the compounding pharmacy, it cannot be allowed to enter or remain in it without significant regulations. That is, without using the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Likewise, other care is very important and should be observed by the manipulators, visitors and pharmacists who enter or stay in laboratories such as – not smoking, chewing gum, eating or drinking. Much less – coughing, sneezing and combing or touching the hair. If it is unavoidable, you should leave the laboratory area, re-clean the hands and change the gloves, and do not forget to change the mask if you have been coughing or sneezing.  Under no circumstances should the compounder forget to keep his fingernails trimmed and remember not to use nail polish. Otherwise, you will be unable to perform your activities.

Careful with personal hygiene

Personal hygiene care is important, as the compounding pharmacy laboratory area should be an aseptic area. Therefore, you should not be a source of contamination.  The use of perfumes should also be considered, as their aroma can fix in a formulation unduly.  Manipulators with infectious or contagious diseases or, superficial lesions should not remain in the laboratory area. Ideally, they should be temporarily removed from the production activity or, depending on the severity of the service, by submitting a medical certificate.

What are the required standards?

There are various norms to be followed by the pharmacy. Among them a few standards that must be followed by the compounding pharmacy are:

  • Have a Location Permit issued by the state government authorities
  • Have an approved architectural project, following the norms of sanitary surveillance
  • Have a solid waste management program with a contract signed with a company certified for the incineration of waste generated by the pharmacy
  • To undergo a rigorous inspection before obtaining the operating permit issued by the authentic department 

Conclusion: what is a handling pharmacy and what does it do?

It is a place in which the formulas of the medicines are prepared in a personalized way for each person, according to the recommendations prescribed by the health professional. This is already one of the differences between this type of compounding pharmacy establishment and the conventional drugstores because they receive the medicine ready from the laboratories. Before the prescription is sent to the sector in which the formulas are prepared, it passes through the hands of a pharmacist for a conference. After all, any health professional can make mistakes. Thus, it is always good that there is another professional to review the prescription and ensure patient safety which is the most important.

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