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Evaporative Cooling: An Environment and Cost Friendly Cooling System

With the increase in global warming summers all around the world have become harsh and we all look for cooling systems for our home and office. Air conditioner being a major choice, people forget about its disadvantages. They are not at all environmentally friendly; they can create health issues and it costs you a lot of money on maintenance and energy bills are increased. On the other hand, evaporative cooling systems are environmentally friendly and quite reasonable also and they give you an upper hand because of its cost and environmentally friendly characteristics. The system uses a very simple and natural process to cool the air by providing a continuous flow of cool air by using water.

Benefits of evaporative cooling

An evaporative cooling system uses fresh air to cool the space. That’s why they are a great option as a cooling system and are extensively used in commercial space, homes, restaurants, and school. These systems can be operated for a longer period of time in comparison with regular air conditioning systems. The benefits of an evaporative cooling system are:

#1. Cost-effective

Evaporative cooling systems are cheaper to operate as compared to regular air conditioning systems. It can give you a savings of 75% or more on power charges for cooling systems. This is quite a lot of savings. These systems are operational on any hot and dry condition. It uses water and electricity to power up its units. The evaporative cooling systems are a great option to beat the heat in tough hot conditions.

#2. Purifies the air

An Evaporative cooling system is a natural and cost effective way of cooling your space. The system throws out the hot air inside your space and provides a continuous flow of cool and fresh air inside. If you are concerned about allergies and want to get clean and pure air in your space then this system is the right choice for you. This system is best for people suffering from allergies and asthma because it does not circulate dry and decayed air into your space. It uses a natural way of cooling and provides clean, fresh and pure air.

#3. Environment-friendly

We must have studied in our schools that an air condition emits a high level of CFC and carbon dioxide which are hazardous for our environment. Moreover, traditional air conditioners consume a large amount of energy as compared to evaporative cooling systems. Whereas and evaporative cooler does not emit any such gases which are dangerous for the environment. It also consumes very less energy which makes it highly cost-effective.

#4. Low maintenance

Another advantage of an evaporating cooling system is that these are quite cheap to operate and demands minimum maintenance. These systems are also very cheap compared to the traditional air conditioners which can cost you a lot of money in purchasing and operating. The cooling pads within the system clean themselves and just demands seasonal maintenance.

#5. Quite economical to install

If you are considering installing an evaporative cooling system for your space it is better to consult a professional. Few factors need to be taken care of like the airflow and the area being considered and its volume. Hire a professional who knows the local air quality and humidity level so that you get the best for your space.

Best of all an evaporative cooling system does not make you feel suffocated in closed rooms where you cannot open the doors and windows. It works perfectly even if you open your doors and windows. Thus if you are searching for a cooling system which can save you a lot of money, effective and environmental friendly then an evaporative cooling system is the one for you.

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