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Decorative Concrete Finishes for your Home Exteriors

Unlike carpeting, installation of decorative concrete floors cannot take place in hours of time. Designing and installing decorative concrete is a complex and cumbersome task to do. But what exactly are decorative concretes?

People everywhere are discovering a remodeling secret for home improvement that uses a material found in the most residential and commercial buildings. This led to the development of decorative concrete finishes. Concrete designs are growing in popularity and in trend for concrete patios, floors, entryways, countertops, pool decks, and many more. Most homeowners like them for home improvement projects because it can enhance the aesthetic features of a structure in addition to serving the general functions of normal concrete. Besides, it comes in all shapes and sizes.

To have the best experience with the decorative concrete finishes for your next project, there are a few aspects to consider.

Everything you need to know about decorative concretes

Let us see some of the highlights about the decorative concretes:
  • Cost effective option: Decorative concrete finishes are rather a good option for a cheaper and attractive outdoor space.  The cost of the decorative concrete or stamped concrete depends on the materials and labor, but the general cost is in between 8 to 20 dollars per square feet. However, when you wish to have a top-notch design, prices may vary. Still, they are cheaper option as compared to other types of concretes. They are not only cost-effective but aesthetically appealing as well. Undoubtedly, it is an added feature for your money invested.
  • The best decorative concrete contractor can provide you with the best experience: Certified decorative concrete contractors having the best experience provide reliable and quality craftsmanship with the best form of customer service. Before the installations, they look for the damages, if found, they tend to offer rapid self-leveling concrete resurfacing systems to ensure the surface is ready for the new installation. Then, they offer decorative concrete finishes like the natural tone colors or vibrant colors based on your house interiors. Many decorative concrete companies even offer three-dimensional metallic decorative concrete finishes that provide the ultimate glossy finish.
  • Easy to maintain: Decorative concrete has gained wide popularity due to its ease of use. They require less maintenance as compared to the other paving materials. So, they are most popular in non-freeze and thaw regions across the country. They are easy to clean by sweeping it with a broom and rinsing with the garden hose. Even, it is easy to remove the stubborn dirt with a mild cleaner without much hassle. It offers extremely low maintenance and you can preserve the property value.
  • Wide range of options: Decorative concretes offer a wide variety of vibrant colors. The wide variety of pattern and color combinations makes it a popular choice among most homeowners for their patios, driveways, pool deck, and other such areas. Perhaps, it is one of the greatest ways to spruce up your home exterior with beautiful and appealing designs. The exclusive designs are generally produced by using dyes, stains, oxides, and sealers. Because of its engaging designs, it is fast becoming the new wave of the future.
  • Environment-friendly designs: Decorative concrete finishes are apparently environment-friendly. They are highly durable and low in environmental impacts to enhance your curb with just a composition to cement, sand, and cellulose fiber. If you are looking to install the flooring concrete with low environmental impact, then proceeding with the decorative concrete is perhaps a great start. They are known for their eco-friendliness and last longer than many alternative materials

Closing thoughts

So, plan and schedule proactively with the professional decorative concrete contractors and provide an enhanced appeal to the home exterior.

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