Cocktail Recipe with Brazilian Coffee

Coffee is one of the most preferred beverages all over the world. The most famous coffee is the ones produced in Brazil. There are a lot of exotic varieties of coffee beans produced in Brazil which are probably found somewhere else as well, but the authenticity of those beans will not be same anywhere other than Brazil. Brazilian coffee exporters are the source of this exotic coffee you find everywhere else.

Coffee is one of the best natural weight loss tonics. It has no fats, no Trans fats, no saturated fats no cholesterol and one cup of coffee will make you feel stuffed as you would think after having any light meal. Hence it is one of the most preferred weight loss tonics.

Many online startups are now selling coffee over their websites; also organic coffee exporters are there to supply some authentic organically produced coffees best for our health.

Coffee is not only a good beverage you can create some delicious and unique cocktails with them. Specifically, with Brazilian coffees, you get the best flavors of caffeine when mixed with alcohol.

One of the most famous Brazilian coffee cocktails is the Caipirinha. It is the top selling, and probably the oldest made mocktail there. The Caipirinha is also one of the most preferred cocktails for people outside Brazil.

How to Make a Caipirinha At Home?

Here is the ingredient list to make Caipirinha at home for you-

1. Brazilian coffee espresso. (2/4 cup)

Take any variety of Brazilian coffee, you will get from any coffee bean exporters, or you can buy instant coffee as well. Mix it with some water and make a light espresso.

2. Cachaca or rum (2 tablespoons)

Cachaca is authentic Brazilian alcohol. You might not find it where you are, but as the best alternative, you can use rum. Both will give the same taste with a minute variation in flavor because of the difference in production.

3. Sweet condensed milk ( 2 tablespoons/ according to your required sweetness).

4. Ice cubes

5. Some cinnamon sticks

How to Make the Cocktail?

You will need a shaker or an airtight container for making the mocktail.

Mix your espresso, cachaca or rum and condensed milk into the shaker and shake well for at least a min.

Take glasses or mugs and put three ice cubes in it and now pour the liquid over it.

Garnish with a cinnamon stick.

This is one of the best options if you want alcohol and don’t want any hangover after it. The coffee mixed with the rum will prevent the alcohol to cause nausea also.

If you have guests coming over and you want to make something which is not all something very easily found at places then make this recipe for them. The touch of rum into it gives the perfect taste, and the sweet condensed milk gives a milky scent to it along with a sweetness to suppress the bitterness of the espresso coffee bought from the Brazilian coffee exporters.

If you are someone who is not much fond of rum or boring cocktails, then this recipe is definitely for you.

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