Can I give ACCA exam anywhere?

Every academic year you have to sit your exams in order to complete your studies. The exams are usually taken in late November or early December. You can only have one set of exams per exam session. These can be split between a morning and afternoon session. Each session lasts three hours.

After the exam period is over, you will receive a results document that contains the marks you have received for each section. In this document you will also find information about your overall result. You may find that you have to re-sit some or all of the exams you have taken in the past.

It is common for some universities to move their timetable ACCA Exam Centre forward during the summer. This means that you can take exams during this time which are not included on your original timetable. You may also find that you have to sit different exams as part of your course.

You must take exams that are part of your degree in order to progress with your studies. It is important to remember that all students are responsible for taking their exams on time. If you are unable to make it to your exam, you need to contact your tutor to inform them about your absence.

Make sure that your tutor knows what your reason for not being present is. You might need to make an additional appointment to sit the exam. You should be very careful not to miss any of your exams.

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