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Best Tips and Tricks to Make Your Bedroom Look Expensive

Most of us have always dreamed to have a bedroom that looks like the one we often see in the glossy pages of a home decor magazine or the ones we search across Pinterest. But the problem we have is that for some of us who don’t have the budget, our dream just remains a dream. Don’t worry because you can still create a bedroom that you’ve always wanted and give it a style that will look expensive. When creating a luxurious bedroom, it’s all about details. We’re here to give you tips and tricks so you can create a touch of luxe to your bedroom without breaking the bank!

#1. Clutter-free living

Almost all modern and luxurious homes have a place for almost everything in their place. Make your bedroom as clutter-free as possible and store your stuff out of sight. A gorgeous bedroom can never look a mess and a dirty or cluttered room can never look expensive and appealing even if you have luxurious furnishings. Have a minimalist perspective in mind and get rid of anything that is not necessary. Your room is not a storage area for stacks of unread books or unused and old stuff.

#2. Beautiful tray

To add a luxurious detail to your room, you can buy a simple tray and put it on your dresser top or nightstand, keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be expensive. Find a beautiful tray and give it a coat of gold or silver metallic spray paint and you’ll be the only one who knows that it didn’t come from a premier shop. You can use the tray to store some of your scattered items on your dresser top, such as your accessories, perfumes, and other small collectibles.

#3. Add green

A luxurious bedroom will always have one or two touches of green stuff-cut flowers and living plants. Grab your most gorgeous vase and fill it with a fragrant bouquet of cut flowers, it’s easy to find budget blooms at the grocery store or in your own garden. You can put a lush green plant in a ceramic or metal container. You’re a win/win on this, not only will it improve the look of your bedroom but also purifies the air.

#4. Hanging light

To make your room looking really expensive, get rid of the cheap ceiling fixture and replace it with a stylish hanging light instead. You can choose from a small chandelier, a pendant or drum-shaded fixture. Just make sure that the light is proportionate to the surroundings and complements your other furnishings. You may need to spend a little on this but it will make so much difference and it’s money well spent.

#5. Luxurious blanket

Ditch your cheap and microfleece blanket in bed and add a thick luxurious throw blanket. Although your lightweight blanket is good for cuddling on the couch while watching your favorite movie, it will not go well with a luxurious looking bedroom. Pick a throw blanket made from silk, velvet, fuzzy wool or faux fur. Choose a solid color or an animal print with a subtle design. Make it simple but elegant. While your bedroom is looking good, your tootsies are even warmer at night.

#6. Crown moldings

An ordinary room can be easily transformed into an expensive one with the addition of crown moldings. If you haven’t installed it in your home then you can get the job done by visiting your local home depot or similar store. If you’re an expert already with DIYs then you can look for actual moldings that need to be cut, painted and nailed into place, or with a self-adhesive molding. Whichever you choose, paint the molding to match your walls.

#7. High curtains

Did you know that you can simply fake how big your bedroom is? You can raise your curtains up high by mounting the curtain rod to an inch or two below the ceiling line with drapes hanging the floor. This will make the room much bigger and more elegant.

#8. Lampshade upgrade

Plain and boring lampshades will never look expensive, invest on a brand-new attractive lampshade at bargain prices. Find a rich-hued shade with a pleasing pattern or with shades of metallic accents. Avoid lampshades with faux flowers or pompoms, just keep it classic. They may look nice in the right room but not in the expensive bedroom.

#9. Hardware makeover

If you have an old furniture and don’t want to bruise your wallet then you can update what you currently have. You can have new hardware without actually spending a lot of money. You can just replace those aged, boring, and plain knobs and drawer pull with modern attractive designs. Look for glass or metal hardware and screw it into place, and there you have a makeover!

There are so many ways to transform your bedroom into a luxurious one without breaking the bank. You just need the right details, accents, and makeover of old furnishings to do the work. Would you follow these tips? We hope that these tricks will help you achieve the bedroom you’ve always wanted.

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