Best Psychiatrist in Lahore

Who is a Psychiatrist?

A doctor who specializes in behavioral, emotional and mental disorders is called as Psychiatrist. Unlike a psychologist, who also offers psychotherapy, a psychiatrist is a medical  doctor and can prescribe medication to treat depression and anxiety.

Duties of a Psychiatrist

Following are the duties of a Psychiatrist:

  • Prescribing medicines.
  • Prescribing treatment or therapy.
  • Treating patients with psychotherapy.
  • Collecting medical information from patients, relatives or other health professionals.
  • Recording a patient’s medical history.
  • Preparing a medical treatment plan.

Qualities of Best Psychiatrist

Following are the qualities that differentiate between an ordinary Psychiatrist and a best psychiatrist:


According to a recent study, psychiatrists caring for people with mental illness should use empathy skills throughout their practice. Even in situations where people are reluctant to ask for help, are unable to establish trusting relationships, or have difficulty interacting logically and emotionally with others because of their mental health problems. Show empathy, actively listen to and respect the patient’s concerns and feelings, and demonstrate care in return. In addition to medication, empathy with patients can also increase the effectiveness of treatment for mental illness.


A good psychiatrist should be well versed in medications, their safety aspects, their effects on patients, etc., notes Psychology Today. For example, if you have a patient with drug addiction, you should be careful about prescribing highly addictive medications or avoiding them altogether. You also need to know when to reduce doses or switch medications due to side effects or ineffectiveness.


To create a supportive environment that takes into account the patient’s needs, be flexible. According to Psychology Today, a good psychiatrist is open to trying a different method or treatment if the first one doesn’t work. For example, the number of treatments should be increased based on the severity of the patient’s illness.

He has flexible treatment methods. If the patient is unable to attend regular face-to-face appointments, telepsychiatry or even home visits may be considered to increase the availability of psychiatric care.


It is also important to pay attention to the patient’s specific needs and concerns. This means respecting their time and being punctual and helpful. And also encouraging open communication. This also ensures that patients feel safe and vulnerable in the clinical setting, so that they can discuss all aspects of their illness and receive appropriate treatment.

Lifelong learning

A good psychiatrist keeps on learning his all life. This helps him or her keep abreast of the latest treatments and medical standards. The best psychiatrists also have no problem asking questions  from colleagues when difficulties arise. This allows them to keep their patients’ best interests in mind and ensure high-quality care.

Psychiatrists play an important role in promoting mental health, especially at a time when one in five American adults has a mental illness. Keep these five qualities in mind to ensure you provide the best psychiatric care and do an excellent job in your position.

Best Psychiatrist in Lahore

Following are best Psychiatrist in Lahore:

  • Prof.Dr. Syed Zahid Qutab
  • Ali Anjum
  • Aafia Malik
  • Abdul Haleem
  • Junaid Rasool

About Dr.Zahid Qutab

Assist.Prof.Dr.Syed Zahid Qutab is one of the Best Psychiatrist in Lahore. He is highly Qualified and experienced.


  • B.B.S
  • C.P.S


  • 2018 – 2019, Consultant Psychiatrist, Fatima Jinnah Medical College/Hospital.
  • 2019 – Present, Consultant Psychiatrist, Lahore General Hospital, Lahore.

So you can visit Dr.Zahid Qutab Best Psychiatrist in Lahore. If you are suffering from anxiety, depression and any other mental disorder.

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