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Beneficial Information About the Uses of Salt and Pepper Granite

Granite is a solid and granular rock that is widely used in the construction of various building parts. Different types of granites are available in the market, based on the components of these stones. salt and pepper granite are a popular variety of this natural stone that is used for construction purposes mainly in Australia. It is available in a combination of black and white colours, from which it got its name. Salt and pepper mean an admixture of course and grained combination. In addition to that, you can also get the best benefits of a variety of minerals which are part of a granite design. Hence, people prefer it more than the traditional black or gray granite or white marble stones for constructing their kitchens, bathrooms, driveways, poolside, courtyard, and garden walkways.

#1. White Ornamental granite: As its name suggests, this granite stone is available in an off-white shade, with brown and gray spots or patches all over the stone surface. This kind of salt and pepper granite is used for flooring in the living rooms, including the fireplace hearth. This granite is mainly available in Brazil, though its popularity is spread worldwide.

#2. Valle nevado granite: The natural combination of black and white patches has rendered the look of a soothing gray shade. This salt and pepper granite are also available in Brazil and mainly used for making kitchen countertops and backsplash, due to the elegance of this neutral colour combination.

#3. Luna pearl granite: This variety of salt and pepper granite is available in Spain. It is mainly known for its wonderful combination of white, black, and gray that looks as brilliant as a pearl. It is mainly used for making countertops of the kitchen island, vanity tops, and backsplash that matches the counters.

#4. Bianco catalina granite: This granite looks attractive due to the splashes of white, black, and gray colours, resulting in an exclusive gray shade. It is a sleek stone that is mainly preferred for making kitchen and bathroom cabinets, replacing the traditional timber cabinets due to the higher durability of this stone compared to wood. However, you should be careful that you should not use chemicals or citrus fruit juices on the granite surface. This will reduce the longevity of the stone.

#5. White alpha granite: It is another popular form of salt and pepper granite that is obtained from Brazil. The background of this granite is a soft shade of white, on which light shades of gray are adorned with small spots of dark gray. The walls and floors of bathrooms can be made of this granite, along with the vanities, shower space, and bathtubs, for rendering a pristine look to the entire bathroom.

The monochromatic colour effect of salt and pepper granite is the main reason for choosing this material by most of the interior designers and architects. This colour combination of white and black is neither too light nor too dark, which is perfect for all kitchens and bathrooms. It provides a much warmer tone to the home interior, compared to wood, marble or tiles. The price of this granite is affordable by most of the common house owners, much cheaper than quartz or any other natural stone that is used for building constructions. Hence, it is the best choice of all builders and homeowners for creating the liveliest interiors that are appreciated by all. You can also use the salt and pepper granite as an additional component in your garden, to mix and match with the interior of your home. Garden benchtops made of granite look good in the most pleasing way.

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