Beautiful Jewelry Trending in 2021

The creative and skillful team at Richard’s Custom Jewelers ;can produce jewelry masterpieces that tell a story, make a statement, show who you are and have that wow factor. Whether you want to invest in your first piece or add to your ever-growing collection, they can make the most incredible jewelry pieces that are on-trend for the year ahead.

Dazzle in a diamond pendant necklace

Necklaces that showcase an eye-catching center stone look stunning around any neck, are lightweight and make excellent layering pieces. Choose a pendant necklace with a singular emerald-cut diamond to give off an air of royalty. Alternatively, select a milgrain halo diamond which has a domed mounting, allowing your diamond’s facets to turn towards the light with every move. Consider a lab-grown diamond which is 30% more affordable than earth-created diamonds, but is chemically and optically identical to traditionally mined diamonds. Growing a diamond in a lab uses minimal time and resources which is why it costs less to produce.

Perfect your look with pearls

Pearls are being embraced by trendsetters as this year’s essential accessory, popular in modern contemporary jewelry pieces. They are even making an appearance in clothing and footwear. This timeless, sophisticated accessory never truly goes out of fashion and is considered as one of the best investments in style you can make. Whether natural, freshwater or cultured pearls, worn as a simple strand, in layers, as an elegant bracelet or earrings, pearls bring any outfit together. Pearl colors can include white, cream, yellow, pink, silver or black and they can have a hint of a secondary color when light reflects off their surface.

Stack tennis bracelets for an arm party

Tennis bracelets are packed with enough shine to stand alone, but stacking them with different size and shape bracelets, bangles and cuffs make an amazing party. This is so much fun and allows for great combinations of pieces that create the perfect look. Layer various styles of diamond bracelets to suit your glitter level for the occasion. Try a modern look with rose gold tennis bracelet that has a bezel setting to keep diamonds snug and smooth. You may want to also go for aclassic white gold tennis bracelet in a four-prong setting that holds your diamonds securely to your wrist.

Make a statement with chunky chains

Chain link jewelry with larger-than-life proportions is having a moment and can be a statement to dress up any outfit. There is a style, weight and color of chain for everybody. Chains are versatile and can be subtle or bold. Whether gold or silver, they are classic pieces with a structure that is simple and beautiful. Try a silver link bracelet wrapped twice around the wrist or layer gold thick-and-heavy, chunky chain necklaces around your neck. Choose a handmade chain with stones or diamonds that are natural, colored or lab-grown. If the clasp is done well, you can use chain bracelets to create a long necklace.

Share a story with pendants or charms

Pendants and charms are conversational pieces that draw attention to themselves and can enhance a plain necklace or bracelet into a noticeable piece. From protective talismans to lucky numbers, charms have the power to inspire hope and connect us with loved ones. Charm jewelry acts as an amulet we wear around our necks or wrists to make us feel protected. We seek meaning, connection, strength, good fortune and healing through these pieces. They are irresistibly collectible and inspire memories of bracelets we had as children, where we added trinkets as we passed milestones. As adults, we can choose elaborate designs in gold, diamonds and precious gems.

Stay stylish with classic hoop earrings

With so many designs and unique sizes, hoop earrings stand out alone or make a powerful statement when stacked. From small to bold, chunky to slim, glittering with diamonds or zirconia, in silver or gold, hoop earrings are holding onto their classic status as everlasting eye candy. They are the ultimate statement pieces for women around the world. Hoops have character, strength and uniqueness that make it possible for every woman to create her very own look. They will remain fashionable forever as they are elegant and make you feel sexy and stylish at any age.

Sterling silver is making a comeback

Silver jewelry, designed to reflect jewelry made decades ago, is making a comeback. Think vintage vibes with a modern twist. From rings to necklaces, bracelets, earrings and pendants, these pieces are the easiest way to transform your look. You will find pendant necklaces and earrings with small flashes of color from a crystal or cubic zirconia style stone. There is the return of both refined, sleek and classic pieces to chunky, dramatic and weighty items to suit any taste. If you’re a necklace girl, choose a surround pendant drop with a beautiful jewel feature or if you prefer some arm candy, select a weighty silver-tone bracelet.

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