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Avail Drain Cleaning To Ensure a Safe Environment at Your Home

Home sweet home as they say is a place for which we take utmost care, even if it is the minutest thing. However, at times we tend to become lazy in cleaning up of the house, especially the drains, which are neglected altogether. The drains have to be cleaned at regular intervals as they can be a major breeding ground for various microorganisms like bacteria, fungus, etc. In case this happens the growth of bacteria can be hazardous to all the family members. The drainage system is a network of pipes that adjoin at a given point so if there is a blockage in one pipe it may affect all the others leading to leakages, corrosion, or bursting of pipes. A good drain cleaner can be a solution to many problems.

Drain cleaners can be divided into two categories:

In case drain of the sink, shower area, tub, or toilet is blocked we generally use chemical drain cleaners which are easily available in the market for clearing the blockages. The acid in the cleaner opens the soft obstructions in the pipe.

If the obstruction is hard then electric drain cleaners and sewer jitters are used. In most of the advanced countries, when wastes are removed, they are also sent for recycling. In the case of blocked drains, the main reasons are the accumulation of waste materials into the drains. These include straws, human excreta, and human hair, as well as kitchen waste.

Blockage of drains can happen due to various reasons:

  • Food waste –This is the most common cause. Any fatty or greasy substances, which are washed in the kitchen sink, will get stuck onto the inner side of pipes eventually leaving no space for the liquid to pass.
  • Toilet paper and sanitary items flushed down can block the pipes.
  • Toys, which children might throw in the toilets.
  • Plaster or cement
  • Plastic bags, wrappers, etc.
  • Paint thinners or paint

The above waste items when collected in the pipe, doesn’t give space for liquid to flow freely in the main drain and hence lead to rising water level which eventually fills up in your sink or bathtubs. This is a cue enough that one must get the drainage system cleaned at the earliest.

Thousands of homes in are experiencing unpleasant or foul smells caused due to the blockage and flooding of drains and sewers. Hence many residents are rising up to the need of drain cleaning, to prevent themselves and their families from environmental and health hazards, even though the maintenance is adding to the regular expense for many.

Some common ways to prevent the blockage of the drains

  1. Ensure that the cooking waste, greasy or fatty waste food items are collected separately and trashed
  2. To avoid hair going inside the drains use a drain gate or screen to cover the openings of the drain.
  3. After washing the utensils in the kitchen sink run hot water that will prevent the oil in food products from building up on the interior surface of the pipes.
  4. Baking soda is a great cleaning agent if thrown in the sinks with hot water it can clear the path and will also help in reducing the bad odor.
  5. Use of Vinegar for cleaning the drain and pouring hot water after that can also do wonders.

Hence maintain hygiene in your home and avoid getting embarrassed in front of your guests by making sure that your home drainage is clean and there are no health hazards. Visit this link for more information about drain cleaning or blocked drain.

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