Are big purses in style 2022?

The first time I saw this trend was in 2017 when I saw a bag from Brandon Maxwell. It had a huge size, which was a shock to me since I didn’t think bags could get any larger.

This trend seems to have come back in full force for Spring/Summer 2018, but it’s not just bags that are getting larger. There are also dresses, pants, shoes, and other items that can be oversized as well.

The Brandon Maxwell bag was one of my favorites Leather purses because it was very unique and it reminded me of the early 90s.

For the past few seasons, the oversized bag has been a hot topic amongst the fashion industry. It seems like it’s time for a change of pace. After all, we’ve seen it all before.

With brands such as Gucci, Prada and Kate Spade, who are all known for their over-the-top bags, taking a break from their signature styles, it’s no surprise that the oversized bag trend is here to stay. We’re seeing this trend in the form of oversized shoulder bags, backpacks and even clutches.

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