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A Chic Upgrade to Your Modest Shalwar Kameez Look

Many amongst us trade tops for women for shalwar kameez. I do not see a reason for people to frown upon such choices made by individuals. Everyone is free to wear what they feel comfortable in like mehndi outfits as wedding season started. And if you wish to give your shalwar kameez look a chic upgrade, then you should continue reading this blog. 

Here are a few of the many ways in which you can wear your shalwar kameez in a stylish yet modest way:

Pair it with a Nude Hijab

If you cover your head, then you can try trading your colorful hijabs with nude ones. Nude is ruling the fashion world these days. Whether it is dresses, tops, suits or hijab, women are swearing by the nude color. Even if you do not wear a hijab but cover your head with a dupatta instead, you can get that in nude. Ditch your printed dupattas and try experimenting with the nude ones. 

The best part about this trend is that you do not have to worry much about matching dupattas or scarves with your pret kurtas. 

A Black Affair

If you want to create that wow factor with your attire, go for a complete black shalwar kameez look. Pairing a hijab with black attire is also easy. Literally, everything will go with it. From printed to embroidered to a neon solid colored scarf, everything works well with black attire. It is like you have the whole color palette to choose from. From pastel shades to neon ones, pick any shade that you please. 

This look works best whether you going to the workplace or heading out for a party. 

Summer Time 

Unfortunately, summer brings the most amount of confusion to hijabis. Because let’s accept the fact that life is not easy for the women who cover their heads in heat. Respect for them all as the weather does not stop them from covering their heads. Women tend to limit their choice of materials for scarves that they wear in this season along with the colors. 

Wearing a silk scarf is a big NO in summers. Instead, wear breathable materials in light and pastel shades. Choosing from a palette of bright colors works wonders. It gives you a cool look. 

Hijab and Abaya

Some women pair the hijab with an abaya. In the past, we had limited abaya designs. Now, women have access to rather stylish abaya designs. They are not necessarily all closed, you can choose from open gown style abayas as well. Some women even add fancy buttons and lace on their abayas. Hence, making it look like a party gown. 

Pairing a hijab/scarf with your abaya can be tricky. You will have to make a choice between a plain or fancy scarf. The choice of material will also depend on you. However, I would suggest not to go with a silk scarf as it can be very difficult to carry it. The chances that the scarf will slip off your head are high. Hence, making it a difficult task for you to manage both your fancy abaya and hijab.

Single-Split Kameez

Do not listen to anyone who tells you that wearing a hijab means you cannot carry yourself in a fashionable way. Moreover, do not let the negative words that come out the mouth of pessimistic people ruin your day. A single split kameez is an option available for you even if you wear a hijab. And hijab goes well with this style of kameez. Choose from any color or material according to the occasion. You can always Google or take inspiration from Pinterest to learn how to make a single-split kameez look fab.

Hijabi Brides

Brides these days do not shy away from wearing a hijab on their big day as well. And that does not make them look any less beautiful. A contrasting colored scarf that goes well with the tones of their bridal dress makes them look amazing. The brides do not have to compromise on the jewelry. You can still flaunt a teeka or matha patti. You might not be able to wear earrings but who cares! You can make an absolutely gorgeous bride while covering your head. Look at the bright side of it as well (saving on the cost of the flowers that are an essential part of the hairstyle). 

Having established this, I believe that wearing basic pants or bottoms with a kurta or kameez and a hijab also makes up for a modest look. The pants give you a chic look too apart from making your attire look like a fusion of Eastern and Western outfits. 

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