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    Customize E-Com Site Features to Drive Sales

    As an e-commerce entrepreneur, the first thing that challenges you is the functionality of your site. Well, it is not only about the visual appeal of the site. In fact, it is much more than what you could possibly have planned or thought. That means you have to have a super functional site to leverage your business. Now, how are you going to achieve this objective? Undoubtedly, you have to hire custom ecommerce development service provider so that you can customize your site appropriately. Hang on! What are the things that you need to customize? Well, the below mentioned are a few latest trends and tricks of e-commerce business that…

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    How Important is the USB In the Era of Cloud Storage

    In our day to day living, we frequently use technological gadgets like the USB. With the introduction of cloud storage, the importance of USB – a portable removable device that serves in storing data, is depleting these days. On the other hand cloud storage is a service which maintains data and manages it remotely. The files can be stored online, so that you can access them from any location with the help of the internet. USB, however also holds some great pros above the cloud storage. This application is quite famous as everyone at some time, or the other has used this whether in professional or in personal lives. Also,…